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987 Design Prague Hotel - guest reviews and rating

Bütün değerlendirme: 90%
Odalar: 95% Temizlik: 95%
Personel: 85% Hizmetler: 90%
Akşam yemeği: 90% Yer: 95%
Huzur: 100% Para değeri: 100%
  • Daniela Lalova (İş amaçlı turist), Pz 5.7.2009


    • Very nice place-quiet and clean.
    • Location is perfect for business and familly travel.
    Ziyaretçilerin değerlendirmesi: 90%

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  • Rossen Dimitrov (Yetişkin çift/eşler), Sa 5.6.2007

    Taxi service was perfect - English speaking driver but a tourist guide as well.

    The hotel itself was good as well only the breakfast was not perfectly organized - sometimes plates missing, or tissues.

    Nevertheless, the total overview is very positive.

    Ziyaretçilerin değerlendirmesi: 90%

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